Temporary Airbrushed tattoos are incredibly realistic looking on the skin, they are completely painless to apply and can last from two to ten days. (Not to be confused with henna tattoos).

They are always a crowd puller so a big hit! Whatever the event from a children’s party to a large festival.
People wear temporary tattoos as a fashion statement, teenagers enjoy them for a funky look, others like to test drive a tattoo before applying the real thing. Whatever your age they are a fun temporary accessory.
Airbrush tattoos take only a minute or two to apply, we have a wide range of designs and colours. We use only the highest quality paints from F.D.A approved ingredients which are also quick drying. Air brush tattoos also work well with U.V lights so are ideal for a night club venue.

We can custom stencils so theme an event or promote your company logo.
All tattoos are waterproof, though you should avoid chlorine swimming pools. The temporary tattoos will also last longer if patted dry and resealed with talcum powder. Do not scrub your tattoo when bathing either and avoid oils. Skin type also affects how long your temporary airbrushed tattoo will last, with dryer skins being more favourable. Areas of the body less prone to perspiration and restrictive clothing, also create more favourable conditions.
Eventually any airbrushed tattoo will eventually fade with time, though it can be removed quickly using baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

So for your next special occasion show your wild side and book us for our Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos service.